Who We Are

DTP Battery was established in 2001 with the determination to manufacture the best in lithium-ion polymer batteries for customers around the world. During that time, we have gained an impressive amount of experience. This has led to the continued development of high quality batteries for our customers as well as handling the shipping and transportation so they can reach their destination on time.

Our factory employs 500 staff that works on two shifts to manufacture the lithium-ion cells. We also have more than ten professional electronic engineer teams who have been trained to create, design, and deliver custom battery pack solutions for all customer applications.

Over the years, we have learned to keep an eye on trends and expand our services into new markets so that you can benefit from the latest technologies. Our lithium-ion batteries are created to be highly durable and to provide long-lasting power all at an affordable, competitive price.

What We Offer

We offer standard and customized battery solutions for a wide range of customers, meeting their needs in many different fields of electronic devices. More than just lithium-ion batteries, we create solutions to effectively power popular devices that includes:

  • Media Players
  • Bluetooth Headsets
  • Robotics
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Smartphones & Cell Phones
  • Portable Tools
  • Machine Tools
  • Electronic Toys & More!

In addition to the standard-size batteries, we also create custom-designed batteries for specific types of devices. If your company needs a portable power source for devices that are not found on the market, our teams of professional electronic engineers can create one for you. Our ability to respond and create solutions for our customers is what sets us apart from the competition.

Why You Should Choose DTP Battery

Our company has sold and shipped batteries to customers in all parts of the world. Our customer base can be found in nearly every country because we offer the best combination of products and services in the industry

Meet your battery solution adviser

  • Aaron Yi

    Aaron Yi

    Director of  Sales

  • Gloria


    Manager of  Sales

  • Echo


    Manager of  Sales

  • Weixin Wang

    Weixin Wang

    Manager of R&D

  • Iris


    Manager of Purchasing

  • Kaka


    Supervisor of Sales

  • Millie


    Representative of Sales

  • Daisy Deng

    Daisy Deng

    Representative of Sales

  • Joey


    Representative of Sales

  • Eva


    Representative of Sales

  • HongJie Qiu

    HongJie Qiu

    Engineer of R&D

  • Queena


    Assistant of Customer Success

What clients like you said

Thanks, Sophia, I’m really happy working with you. Your batteries work well.
Hi Candy,
We’re pleased to attached PO for your batteries DTP7050604S 14.8V. Last 10K lot are good I think,because I didn’t hear any compliances from our AQ guys.
Birger Amohon
Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your calling. The PO#006528 just arrived at us few days ago, till now has not any problems of them. I think they should be good as always you did.