What Caused The Lithium Battery to Explode?

What Caused The Lithium Battery to Explode?

Published by Edith at2021-06-30

Cause of battery explosion

1. Internal polarization is large.

2. The pole piece absorbs water and reacts with the electrolyte to form an air drum.

3, The quality of the electrolyte itself, performance issues.

4. The amount of liquid injection during the injection is not up to the process requirements.

5. The laser welding and welding sealing performance are poor in the assembly process, and the air leakage and leak detection are leaky.

6. Dust, extreme film dust is easy to lead to the micro-short circuit, the specific reasons are unknown.

7. The positive and negative electrodes are thicker than the process range, and it is difficult to enter the shell.

8, The problem of liquid injection sealing, steel ball sealing performance is not good, resulting in an air drum.

9. The shell material has a thick shell wall, and the shell deformation affects the thickness.

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