How to use polymer lithium ion battery correctly?

How to use polymer lithium ion battery correctly?

Published by Kevan XiaoEdith at2021-06-28

Due to the large capacity, light weight, small size, small internal resistance, and customizable shape of lithium polymer batteries, polymer lithium batteries are widely used in consumer electronics, smart homes, power tools, portable power supplies, airplanes and other fields .

So how to properly use and maintain lithium polymer batteries?

1. First, the new battery is fully charged. If our newly purchased battery should be fully charged before use, the charging voltage is generally between 4.16v and 4.2v, not more than 4.23v. The battery needs to be discharged after it is fully charged. It is best to maintain a small and medium current during the discharge process. The final job is to carry out the charge and discharge cycle back and forth according to the above process, and it can be used after three times. This is the maintenance of the activation of the new battery. This process is very important. The service life of the battery after activation will be much longer.

 2. Avoid overcharging. There are hard requirements for the choice of the charger. If some chargers do not have the function of turning off the power after the battery is fully charged, the battery will not stop charging after being fully charged, which will cause certain harm to the battery. In addition, after long-term use of the charger, the battery will not stop charging after being fully charged. Therefore, during the process of charging the lithium polymer battery, someone needs to be watched by the side. In order to avoid battery failures, explosions and injuries.

 3. Avoid excessive discharge. If the battery is over-discharged, it will have a direct impact on the battery life. If the battery capacity is 2200mAH, the maximum limit is to charge 1600mAH after the battery is discharged. The general battery is best discharged with a capacity of 1300mAH to 1600mAH. If you follow this charging and discharging method, the battery life will be prolonged.

4. Avoid saving on full power. If the battery is fully charged, it cannot be stored for more than three days when it is fully charged. After a week of storage, the battery will swell directly. There is another possibility that the battery will not swell at the time, but in the next few times The battery will swell after charging. If the battery is not used for a long time, it is best to discharge the battery to 3.85v to keep the battery in the best condition.

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