How to use lithium polymer batteries more safely?

How to use lithium polymer batteries more safely?

Published by Edith at2021-05-18

To use Lipo batteries safely, you must treat them with the same respect you would anything that can store and rapidly release a large amount of chemical and/or electrical energy. The bigger the battery and the lower the internal resistance (e.g. higher C rating) the more you need to be careful. They can be used safely… just like gasoline can be used safely but to do so you must learn about how they operate and how they can fail.

When you think about it, it’s no surprise that, for instance, a Tesla battery has about the same level of risk as the gas tank it replaces… they both store a lot of energy that can be released rapidly when needed. Well actually, I lie somewhat because a Tesla battery only holds the energy of a tiny gas/petrol tank and it’s got more safety checks built into it.

I have safely used large Lipo batteries in high-performance R/C airplanes and helicopters (up to 90C batteries) for about 15 years (I was an early adopter.) Besides my own experience I have that of others in my clubs. I’ve seen packs fail in the past, but it’s really rare now, because we’ve learned to use them with respect. Here’s what I learned living life on the edge.)

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