11.1v 4400 mah lithium ion 3s2p with DC connector

11.1v 4400 mah lithium ion 3s2p with DC connector

  • Model:18650-3S2P



    Max dimension:115*20*70mm

    Application:Beauty equipment,GPS, Toys, electronic product, ect, microphone

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  • Product Details

  • 1,rated voltage: 8 - 12.6V
    2,rated capacity: 7000mAh,deviation  ±5%,
    3, the maximum charge current: 3.5A
    4, the maximum discharge current: 7000mAh
    5, discharge cut-off voltage: 8V
    6, the charge cut-off voltage: 12.6V
    7, battery size: 115*20*70mm,deviation  ±3mm,
    8, Input & Output: 5.5 * 2.1 DC fMale and female plug wire
    9, the battery pack automatically protects the system, the battery overcharge, over discharge, over current and external short circuit for effective protection.

    All the 12 v electric equipment, washing equipment, coal, hernia lamp, instead of the 12 v battery, instruments and meters, amplifiers, monitoring, electric class, all sorts of article 12 v lamp.

    the requirements of batteries
    1, lithium ion battery chargers for constant current and constant voltage.
    2,voltage in charge: 12.6V
    3,charge current: 1.5a
    4, support charger charging, when the red light, a green light
    the requirements of discharge cells
    1,Input and output:5.5*2.1mm Male female plug
    2, the maximum instantaneous current: 5a
    3, maximum working current: 7A